How to Determine Your Helmet Size

When you’re an avid motorcycle rider, buying the perfect motorcycle helmet is necessary for safety and protection while you ride. To get the best protection from your helmet, it’s important that you find one that provides a long-term, comfortable fit. After all, a bad fitting helmet can easily slip off in an accident, leaving you in a dangerous situation. Whether you’re looking for an XXS motorcycle helmet or you’re in need of extra large motorcycle helmets, has a wide selection to choose from to fit your specific head shape.

Measure Your Head Around the Fullest Width

Not every helmet will fit your head in the same way since helmet brands and/or models generally work from different size charts, so determining your head’s measurements ahead of time is key. Measure around the fullest part of your head, often just above the ears, measuring right at your forehead. Meanwhile, the circumference of your head can be measured at any point above your eyes, often one inch above the eyebrows. Once you’ve gathered your results, you can use these measurements to check the size charts of your favorite brands and find your custom fit.

Test Your Helmet for Optimal Fit

Of course, if possible, the best way to determine your perfect helmet size is to try the product on directly. If given the opportunity, test to see how the helmet feels. You’ll know the helmet is too small if there’s extreme tightness and it’s probably too large if you can move your head from side to side and you feel wiggle room. The goal for your helmet size is to have a snug fit for protection, but not so much that it feels restrictive on your head.

When you need to find high-quality motorcycle helmets that are custom fit to your needs, go to for the largest online inventory of the most popular name-brand models.

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